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Demonstration of a vertical lift

A vertical lift to open up your entire
home. Call us today on 08000 365 744

The ideal answer to problem stairs

It's rare, but sometimes you'll encounter a staircase which simply won't allow for a stairlift - maybe it's got a very awkward shape or it's just too narrow. There can also be problems if you have trouble getting on and off of a stairlift - if the stairlift causes you as many problems as the stairs you might as well not bother! Luckily, there's a way to make accessing the upstairs floors easy - a vertical, through the floor lift.

Vertical lift in use

A quiet and safe
way to get about
the house

You might be worried about the idea of getting stuck in a vertical lift. You might also be concerned that a vertical lift will look unsightly or make a huge amount of noise when you use it. These are understandable concerns, but you needn't worry: our lift models are tried and tested. We can vouch for the fact that they're safe, quiet and don't make a mess of your home.

Vertical lift in use

Minimal disruption
to your life

The point of a vertical lift is to decrease the level of fuss in your life, not increase it. We know very well that messing about in your house isn't going to be an ideal way to make your life easier. Our professional installers are always going to ensure that everything's done properly, but we'll make sure that the installation is both quick and free of any unnecessary fuss.