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Wheelchair ramps for quick and easy
access. Call us today on 08000 365 744

The need for fair access to buildings

It's an unfortunate truth of life that lots of buildings weren't built with disabled access in mind. This affects just about every sort of building including public sector, private sector and housing. This is hardly an ideal state of affairs! Leaving aside that you'll want everyone to be able to access your building, you've actually got a legal requirement to do so. Disabled access is necessary to be compliant with both the Disability Discrimination Act and Part M of building regulations. But what can you do to affordably change things? Simple: get in touch with Dolphin Mobility.

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Practical, easy to manage and touch

Probably the greatest thing that you'll find about a wheelchair ramp is that you can use it anywhere. They can be folded up and moved from one place to another without any difficulties, which means that they can be used for getting into the home or up some tricky steps on the waterfront on the beach. They're hard-wearing too - you won't wear out one of our ramps easily!

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Make sure you've got the right ramp

It might seem like a ramp's a ramp, but there can actually be a lot of difference between one model and another. Depending on how you're going to use the ramp and where, you might need totally different equipment to the next person. Luckily we've got both the range of equipment and the expertise to offer whatever you might require.