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Dolphin Mobility's premises with staff outside

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Getting into the house without a hassle

Most houses aren't built with mobility issues in mind, and you can find yourself in difficulties even if you live in a bungalow or ground floor apartment. That troublesome step outside the front door can cause you all kinds of problems - not an ideal situation when you're just trying to get into your own home, especially if it's cold or raining. Still, what are you going to do? The answer's simple: talk to Dolphin Mobility about an external steplift - an easy way to make sure you don't have problems waiting on your doorstep.

Exterior steplift

What is a steplift?

Unlike the stairlifts which they sound very much like, steplifts are platforms which make difficult journeys over inconvenient steps easy. They don't get in the way of pedestrians, so you're not going to be putting out visitors for your own sake. They're quite nice looking as well, and some models blend very easily into the background of your home.

The Dolphin Mobility reception

Sounds expensive…

Funnily enough, despite looking pretty expensive steplifts can work out as being more cost effective than ramps. They're easy to move to a new site, and they're very robust too. Even if there's a power cut in the building, a steplift's backup battery will keep it running for up to 30 cycles - no chance of being stuck outside. Steplifts are very useful both in the home and in public places, so get in touch with us.