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Making relaxation and comfort in your own
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Improved comfort in your home

Most of us don't think about chairs. At least, not until we have a back problem or limited mobility. At this point it becomes suddenly and painfully clear that chairs shouldn't be taken for granted. If you've found that the chairs in your home are increasingly difficult to get along with, you should get in touch with us. We've got a range of specially designed chairs which are ideal for making life easier.

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Reclining and
drop-arm chairs

If you have a wheelchair, chair arms can quickly become the exceedingly uncomfortable bane of your life. And easy way of being able to move from your wheelchair into your seat is to have a drop-arm chair. This is what you'd expect: one of the chair's arms drops down, allowing you to get onto the chair without any misadventures.

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Powered beds

We all value a good night's rest. Still, there are some physical problems which make sleeping in a normal bed downright challenging. A powered bed also allows you to read in bed, which can be nice! We have a range of different sized beds to suit the individual dimensions of your home. You can even try out one of our beds or chairs at home - call us now and ask us for a free home demonstration.