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Ideal for people with very limited
mobility. Call us today on 08000 365 744

Overcoming serious mobility problems

There are situations in which you might need very comprehensive mobility equipment. If you or a family member have severe difficulties getting in and out of bed, normal aids like stairlifts will not be sufficient. In this case, by far the most effective way of helping to make life easier is with a ceiling track hoist. These easily used pieces of equipment are safe and allow for the greatest degree of comfort for both the person using them and any carers.

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Ceiling hoists in
the home

If you or a loved one has developed a serious mobility problem, a ceiling hoist can make the difference between being able to stay in your own home and having to leave. A ceiling hoist doesn't get in the way and is easy to store, so it won't cause any problem in the house. Probably the greatest advantage is ease of use: it's easy for even a person with limited mobility to get into the hoist and requires no particular expertise from the operator.

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Perfect mobility
equipment for

Space, time and quality of service are all important considerations in the modern medical profession. For this reason a reliable and easily stored lifting mechanism is vital for patients with limited mobility. As well as the other advantages listed, the smoothness with which ceiling hoists transport patients means that they're ideal for people in a fragile condition.